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 Post subject: 200 Points, Cincinnati, 5/28/09
PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 12:10 am 
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So, Thursday night was a 200 point DCI event, and we had 7 players. I decided to try a variant of what won the Texas Regional event. Wasn't trying to net deck, just sounded fun, and I just recently got Yoda on Kybuck (so this was the first time I'd used him), and I've been dying to try out a Yobuck swap squad with the Bacta tank.

So, I decided to go with this:

Barriss JK
Bacta Tank
Mas Amedda
Ugo x2
Mouse Droid

I chose Rancor pit as my map for the night.

First game I had to play against James, and he was running a Tarpals squad. He had Tarpals, Rex, Queen Amidala, Boba Enforcer, R2-Astromech, Czerka, Lobot, then like 4 or 5 Gungan Artillerists, and some Ugos/Mouse Droids for activations. He brought in Wicket and more activations with Lobot. We played on his Train Station map. First round I used a Tow Cable on Yobuck, opened a couple doors, and put him close enough that I could do a full Gallop with Master Speed and hit Amidala, two Artillerists, and Tarpals. I screwed up some of my placement, and ended up taking 60 damage on Panaka real quick from Rex that first round, but luckily, he survived. GOWK got attacked with a few Cesta/Missles that round, but took maybe 20 damage from all of it. Next round, I won init, and Yobuck made a gallop to take out 2 Artillerists, Wicket, Lobot, a Mouse Droid or two, and then end adjacent to Tarpals to attack him twice and kill him. Yobuck ended up down to like 60 HP or so by this point, but by then it didn't matter. GOWK swapped into the back and finished off Amidala while Yobuck got a quick Heal from Barris. The game was pretty much over at this point. I made slow advancements towards Boba and Rex, eventually running Yobuck 16 to kill the Czerka and get two attacks on Rex. Then GOWK swapped in and finished off Rex around the point where time was up for the game. Lobo 1-0

Second game was against Trace. He was running a nice Rebel squad, and he gave me a pretty good run for my money. He had Master Kota, Rieekan, Madine, Luke RC, Jariah, Jarael, Rebel Commando SL, and filler. We played on my Rancor Pit map, and I got the Rancor Pen side. I set up the Bacta Tank in gambit, and we both advanced towards the middle on the first round. 2nd round, I made a Master Speed run with Yobuck to hit Luke twice (who was now sitting in gambit), but I missed the 2nd attack. GOWK swapped in and put two more on Luke. The following round, Luke died, and Jarael moved up to start trying to deal with GOWK. By the 4th round, Trace had managed to play well and set up Kota so that he could get his Repulse 5 off and hit GOWK, Yoda, Barris, and my Bacta Tank, mostly because he out-activated me by that point. Luckily, I won init, and activated Yobuck (to save him from getting activated by Repulse), and moved in for the two attacks on Kota. Everyone took the 50 damage, but luckily Barris and GOWK both made their activation saves. At that point, I focused all my power on Kota, Barris moved in and attacked, actually hitting, then Panaka swapped in GOWK for his Double. Then the following round, GOWK doubled again, took no damage on the attacks back from Kota, and then Yoda moved in for the two attacks to finish off Kota. At that point, there wasn't much left for Trace to do, as I worked on cleaning up his remaining pieces. Lobo 2-0

Final game of the night was against Matt. He was playing Vader LOTF, Mith'rawn, Nyna, Ozzel, Jarael, Twi'lek BSV, Lobot CLO, Mas, and an Ugo. We played on my Rancor Pit map, and he played from the Rancor Pen side. I knew at the start of the game that I wanted to take away his Greater Mobile pretty quickly if possible, so I started R2 and GOWK in the middle of the map, and did a Tow Cable out to the gambit zone. I then ran GOWK his 12 squares forward, then swapped in Yobuck, and did a Gallop, hitting Lobot once, killing the Ugo, hitting Nyna once, and killing the TBSV, and ending up deep in the Rancor Pen (like, in his starting area, lol). It got ugly at this point though, and I barely escaped. Jarael swapped in and laid down the smack on Yobuck, then Vader moved over for an Opportunist attack as well, not missing any attacks, and I failed at least 1 block save. I then proceeded to lose init (thank you Thrawn), and Jarael managed to stun Yobuck on her 2nd attack. So after all that, Yobuck was left with 20 HP! Yikes! With his one activation thankfully over, I swapped in GOWK, then ran him 8 squares and killed Lobot, who had been holding the Pen door open with Override. Matt activated his one (Nyna, I believe, to re-open the pen), but then my R2 activated and locked the Pen door, sealing Vader and Jarael inside, since Matt and no other door control pieces. He hoped for a round or two that he might roll Ozzel's Reserves and be able to bring in a Storm Commando to blow the door, but it didn't happen. GOWK harassed the remaining pieces, killing Ozzel first, while Yobuck took a chance to heal up a bit. Matt made a nice play where he almost got Nyna close enough to kill R2 (stupid me should've moved R2 out of the gambit area, lol). Luckily I spotted it quickly enough though, and I was able to move Barriss up to step in the way and protect R2. The game ended with Yobuck swapping back into the other side of the field, and putting the final blows on Thrawn and Nyna to finish the game, with Vader and Jarael still locked in their room. Lobo 3-0

We didn't pull much interesting in prize support, so I took an extra Bacta Tank to customize at some point. Was a fun night though, as this was the first chance I'd had to personally play with Yobuck. He's certainly fragile against pieces with many attacks, but I was impressed with how well he worked with the swap combination. I never had trouble swapping GOWK in where I wanted him. Was pretty cool. And the super healing from Barriss was awesome. In the first game, James got GOWK down to 40 at one point, but then I got to heal him back up to 80, before swapping him back into the fray. :P

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