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 Post subject: 100 points in Greenfield Mass. 5/29/09
PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 8:54 pm 
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Continued my habit of trying out pieces I've never played with and went with GOWK/Dash/R2AM/Noble/Ug. My map didn't matter as I lost the role all three games.

Game 1 was vs Mara/old man Han/Cam Noble. Dash went up against han while Obi went for Mara. Forgot about Obi's +4/+4 for Dash the first 2 rounds so he didn't do as well as he should have, but he still managed to take down Han and still have 10 life left. Obi managed to kill Mara without taking any damge.

Game 2 was a kid with an AT-ST/Guri/some creature thing with 40HP/Scout Trooper. Dash took down the scout the first round while R2 towed Obi next to the 40HP thing so he could double it. Next round Obi and Dash teamed up on Guri killing her. Next round R2 towed obi to the AT-ST and he put 40 on it. Dash jumped out from cover to drop another 40 on it before going back into cover. Next round Obi finished it.

Round three vs Loda/Reikan/Leia-Diplomat/R2 with Sensor. First round he moved Loda straight up. I had R2 tow Obi up then moved him into gambit. Everything else advanced where it could. I figured I couldn't keep pace with Loda's FR3 to GOWK's FR1 and I had to get in there fast so second round I sacrificed R2 to tow Obi adjacant to Loda. Obi put 40 on Loda and Dash managed to kill Leia. Rest of the rounds went 1 of 2 ways. If Loda won iniative he tried to Stun Obi then twin attack him. Obii would avoid the damage then hit back for 40. Dash would take his 4 shots at Loda and nothing would get through. Reikan would take a pot shot at Obi and miss. Or I'd win iniative and have Obi hit Loda for 40 and the rest would basicly be the same. Went back and forth like that until I got him down to 30. That round Obi missed one of his 2 attacks and I was out of FP from a Stun reroll so that brought Loda down to 10HP. Then I moved Dash adjacant so Loda lost his cover bonus meaning Dash needed 6's instead of 10's to hit and Loda lost his Evade. Dash killed him which put me just under 100 points. Round ended and gambit put me over.

Booster prize sucked though. R was Logrey and the UC's weren't any of the ones I still need more of.

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