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 Post subject: 4/8 100pts @ Ren Games MD
PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:21 am 
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A very large turnout tonight with 9 players.

I decided to go with the current gate-keeper squad to see how well it would fare:

Emperor on Throne - 33
Vader Unleashed - 50 (83)
Gran x 2 - 8 (91)
Ugg x3 - 9 (100)

Map - Jedi Praxeum

I added the gran's and ugg's just so I would out-activate my opponents so I could setup Force Grips/LS throws with impunity.

Round 1 vs. David: Durge JH, Jawa Scout, Mouse, Lando DS, TBSV.

I won map and got the outside, setting up Palps in gambit, and the rest of my squad in the bottom corner. He setup Lando DS and the TBSV on the bottom, and Durge, the Jawa, and Mouse on the top. I ran all of my filler into the storage area out of LOS, and moved Vader and an Ug towards the Emperor. Round 2, he used the scout to open the top door then Durge ran through and took a shot at Vader and missed. Vader then gripped Dureg, and moved out of LOS next to the Emperor with the Ug blowing the door. Lando and the TBSV closed to the bottom door to get ready to hit my scrubs. Round 3, He ran the mouse and scout around the door out of LOS. I activated out, he then brought Lando and the TBSV around the bottom door. Lando killed my Ug next to Vader and the TBSV missed Vader. I responded by gripping the TBSV. Durge healed himself for 20. Round 4, He ran the scout and the mouse out to act as a shield for Durge. I used both Grans to hit Lando for 10, Lando then killed him. Vader then gripped Lando. Durge came around shot the Emperor but his evade worked. Round 5, I ran my scrubs out to protect Vader, he killed both uggs and the last gran, but it allowed Vader to get within 6 of Durge and gripped him again to end the round. Round 6, I won initiative, and LS throw to kill the remainder of his squad.


Round 2 vs. Jeremy: Camasi Noble, Bothan Noble, Rebel Snowspeeder, Mouse, Luke HOY.

I won map and setup in the same area. He used the Noble to open the door to the Emperor, and Luke missed all four shots. I ran Vader up so that he only had LOS to the Camassi by the door and gripped him thus closing the door. He then ran the snowspeeder to the top door and I moved my Uggs to act as a screen for Vader. Next round he used the mouse to open the Emperor's door and Luke hit on one shot which was promptly evaded. Emperor pushed the mouse, and an ugg blew the door in front of the snowspeeder. The SS then hit the ug and flew over to the rest of my scrubs, I used Vader to grip the SS. The last round, I won initiative, and gripped the SS to kill it. He used the Bothan to open Emperor's door Luke was in position to gain the extra attack, hit on one, then went on his turn and hit on two more for a total of 60 damage on Palps. Palps then FL the Bothan, and he conceded the game.


Round 3 vs. Thomas: Lumiya, Lando DS, Jareal, Logray.

I won map again and setup in the same area again. At the begining of the game he told me that just by looking at my squad he was not going to win. I knew that all I needed to do was eliminate Lando and Jareal and it would be game over for him. We both started by moving all our pieces towards gambit and the waiting Emperor. Round 2, he won initiative and kept his squad just outside the Emperors range and kept the door closed. I used an ugg to blow the emperors door and Vader to grip Jareal. The next initiative would be crucial because Jareal would go in and try to stun both the emperor and Vader then use the advantage to hit my big guns hard. Round 3, I won initiative and immediately gripped Jareal. He used Lumiya to base Vader and the Emperor and hit Palps. Lando missed Vader and Logray corrupted Vader. My grans ran over and killed Logray. Round 4, He wins and Lumiya hits Palps again. Palps pushed Lumyia away next to Lando. Vader LS throw to hit Lando and Lumiya 2x. My grans came over and finished off Lando. He then conceded the game.


Because of the odd number of people two of us ended up 3-0, but we didn't have enough time to play a 4th round. I ended up second due to strength of schedule. The prizes were two boosters containing Lobot and Logray. I picked second and skipped over Logray to take the mouse droid. I'm missing next weeks 150, so time to gear up for 200pts in two weeks.

Good Luck in your gaming!

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