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 Post subject: 150 points 3/28 Bellevue WA
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:19 pm 
Third Jedi from the Left
Third Jedi from the Left
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I wanted to play one of my new imp squads but I couldn't decide which, so I just went with Rieekan's Broken Rebels.


--Rieekan's Broken Rebels--
47 Shaak Ti, Jedi Master
28 Luke Skywalker, Hoth Pilot Unleashed
27 Han Solo, Smuggler
14 General Rieekan
9 General Dodonna
8 Juno Eclipse
8 R2-D2
9 Ugnaught Demolitionist x3
(150pts. 10 activations)

Although, I decided to run it +ERC -R2 -Juno. My map was Taris. I am not sure if it was the best choice for my squad but I wanted to finally play on my new map (Thanks Madman)

First round was against Chris. Poor guy finally gets out to play in another event (last time was CW sealed at the release) and has to play me first round again. I had helped with his squad before the event but it was basically GG, Dac, 2 Cham droids, an IG , BDO, 2 Mouse D's and 3 Uggies. We played on his map which was muunilist. Things got ugly quickly. I got an early los to GG, Dac and got a twin from my ERC. 1 Hit for 30 Damage. Then Han got an accurate shot for 40 on GG, Dac. He moved GG next round but I found a different los and killed him with a fp4. The only thing keeping the game going was I kept losing init, so the cham droids in the center kept getting to wall climber away from shaak ti, so it took awhile to take them down. The IG kept hurting because the only targets he could see were stealthed and had toruble getting within 6 without over exposing the piece.


Second round I played against Joel and a Yobuck squad with CC Cody. I lost map roll and we played on rancor pit. This was horrible for me right off the bat. Yobuck's first charge killed 1 uggie and crit luke and then crit Han. Also landed a regular attack on han, which left him at 10. 1 aoo on Yobuck with shaak ti, a fp4, and Han's Shot left him at 60/160 hp. When I tried get things back in my favor with Shaak Ti, I proceeded to fail 5 evade rolls in a row. I got ahead on points but I kept losing init even with Rieekan giving me recon. I got panaka to 10 and yobuck to 60 and I had a twin at panaka with the erc but I couldn't get the 1 13 I needed to kill him and then missed panaka with han needing a 10. I couldn't salvage the match with my horrible evade rolls, 2 early crit against me, bad init rolls and general poor rolling. But it was a testiment to the quality of the squad that I still kept my opponent working all the way through despite how much the rolls were in his favor.


I played agianst Jack. He was playing boba BH, Throne, and 181st pilots. I lost map roll and we played Starship. We started shooting each other first round. Han got a shot at the throne and he evaded. Boba and some 181st pilots got some shots at Han after spending the throne FP's. I rolled poorly for evade and ended round 1 with 20 hp on Han, but I killed 1 of his pilots. I won init and moved Han to a better position. He spent for speed with boba and moved up to kill han. But I evaded both shots. I then declared I was activating 2. Fp 4 Boba Bh right past the door he was next too inside the room and then I locked the door with the ERC. He had no door control and wanted to get food so he conceded.


Last game was against one of our newer guys Paul. I finally got to play on my map against his Mando's. Ordo, Scout x2, Captain, QM, some mouse droids and Uggies. I started off first round getting some damage on canderous. I basically kept him on the defensive the whole game with my stealth override and shaak ti advancing stealthed. I picked off an uggie and a scout fairly early. Outactivating him and having evade the whole time just kept him from killing much. Went all the to time.


I still think Shaak Ti is great piece, but I was never able to riposte the whole tournament and generally her mastery of the force didn;t help her with evade. My ERC was the mvp. I loved him mobile, evade, twin, stealth, ion gun and 50 hp. He was my champ.

Overall, even though I ended up with 3rd. I still think this squad has huge potential. I was considering dropping luke and Shaak ti for VAR and Luke, Commando because it gives me about the same HP, I still get fp4 and some nice riposte action via djem so. I still end up with the same amoutn of stealth pieces but I get the added advanatge that I could levitate, VAR and then FP5. I call it the green lightsaber version.

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