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 Post subject: 200pt Mixed Faction Ren-Games MD
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:39 am 
Black Sun Thug
Black Sun Thug
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Tonight was the last mixed faction tourney, till May, and with the new set having its first effect for this week, I was a little anxious of what I would see. I decided to take a simple strategy and go with my Greater Mobile Extra Attacker squad.

Boba Merc Commander
R2 Astro
Princess of CC
Sith Hologram
Imp Gov Tarkin
Uggs x2

My map was the Nightclub.

Premise is simple, activate out the tech, mobile with the shooters giving rex 6 attacks, boba 3, and gree/cody 2 each.

Round 1 vs. Alex who was playing: Gen Wedge, GOWK, Luke HOY, Han Smug, Chewie Enraged, Sith Holo, Lobot CLO.

I won map, and setup in on the left side. His basic strategy was to run straight at me. I blew open my front door, kept my tech inside the small room out of LOS, and waited for him to activate out. I then used override on his garage door, and started wasting figs. It was basically a slaughter and I won by round 3.


Round 2 vs. Jeff who was playing a version of a squad I used at the last 200pt mixed consisting of: Basilisk, Mando Cap, Mas, Sidious, and he added 3 Mando Commandos, Rieeken, R2 Astro, Madine, Ugg.

I knew from using a similar squad and through play testing that I was done-for if I let the basilisk near me, and with it having evade, I was going to need to hit it a lot.

He won map roll and we played on his map Ossus!! (We allow all maps at our LGS even in regular constructed events, I know it's BS but whatever) I got to setup in the rooms at least, keep my tech out of LOS near the bottom, and shooters at the top.

He won init, and had me go first, so I spun an ugg. He then moved the basilisk up behind the first pillar in cover, and used R2 to lock the center dooor. This put pressure on me, knowing that if I wanted to hit the basilisk i'd have to use an activation to open the door, then hope to hit with Rex with all six attacks and have him fail 5 evade saves. I knew that wasn't going to happen, and that his next two activations would be Sidious pawning the Basilisk and having it up in my face killing things, so I was kind of SOL. I ended up using my second ugg to open the top door, and have Gree mobile out and pop R2, killing him. He made a big mistake and used a Commando to kill the ugg, thus shutting the door. This forced his basilisk to go onto the lower balcony to setup a round 2 massive strafe. I used the rest of my activations to run the tech away, and have my shooters concentrate fire on the basilisk. At the end of the round, it had 70 dam. Round 2, I won init, and used Boba to finish off the Basilisk, and he conceeded the game knowing that I had total door control and he would have no chance to shoot me as he tried to run up the stairs.


Round 3 vs. Tom who was playing a nice B&B swap: Vader Legacy, Thrawn, Rieeken, Mas, Sith Holo, Rex, Ug, Twi'lek BSV, R2 Astro.

I knew I had him slightly out activated which is good because I wouldn't be rolling init and with all of my extra attacks I should be able to run Vader out of FP's so that my later attacks would be sure to hit.
I lost map roll and we played on Death Star, and I took the right side. Tom setup his tech in the lower hangar and Vader, Rex, R2, Ug, Twi'lek in the Control Room. I setup my tech in the lower turbo lift, with Boba in the central room with the uggs, and the rest of the squad in the top hallway. I went first and we alternated spinning our tech, then the big guns came out to play. His ugg opend the control room door and Vader, Rex, R2, and the Twi'lek all came into the hallway and stayed out of LOS. I brought Cody to a similar position on the other side of the Tractor Room and had R2 tow Rex, into similar position and override Boba's central door open, then had Rex mobile up to the hallway and pick off the ugg holding the door open and mobile back. This let me have an even bigger activation advantage for round two. At the end of the round I knew that he had a good option of towing Rex to my Rex, shooting and then swapping Vader in to wreck havok, but he'd need 3 activations to do it. I also knew that he couldn't do it right away with him going first, so I went first and used boba to mobile out and just barely get LOS on his R2 and took him out. At that point I knew I could take the game because his swap now lacked a lot of range. He proceeded to run Rex and Vader down out of LOS by the Med Bay. I had R2 tow Rex into the Tractor Beam area and override the hangar open, mobile out, spent the first twin on the Twi'lek, he failed all of his evade, then hit Vader for 40 (failing evades and Reflects). Then he activated his tech, Then I had Gree and Cody mobile out and shoot at Vader putting another 80 damage on Vader who was now out of FPs. At that point he conceded the game knowing that the next round, R2 was going to tow Rex into the hangar and wipe out his tech.


I won an Arica for my efforts, and traded her and and extra Lobot CLO for frozen Han and the original Shaak Ti.

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 Post subject: Re: 200pt Mixed Faction Ren-Games MD
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:01 am 
Master of the Order
Master of the Order
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Nice! I played an almost identical squad at my LGS the last time we did 'Dream Team'. The insane Mobile/Extra attacking is a lot of fun!

"You either die a hero, or you live to see yourself become the villain."

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