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Carbondale 100 pt release event March 21
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Author:  Luke_Skywalker [ Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:31 am ]
Post subject:  Carbondale 100 pt release event March 21

Ok we had 20 for this event including Boris the Dwarf and his owensboro crew.

My Pulls:
R2-D2 w/ extended Sensor
General Reikan

Rnd 1 vs. Kristen
Kristen pulled madine Arica and a bunch of commando's. I put my amazing evading bacta tank in gambit on my VERY doory Train station map. My crappy uncommons managed to kill everything but Arica and R2 was able to keep Arica out of gambit! Override FOR THE WIN!


Rnd 2 vs Jakob Baxter
Jacob pulled Vader. Fortunately for me he had no other pieces with much HP. I killed them all before Vader could get into the center Isle. Over Ride = win AGAIN!
Rnd 3 Vs Seth
Seth's Pulls: Palps and Leia. We were on his Destroyed base map, he took the inside, setting palpy up inside the little door room area just outside the main hall. I set up my Bacta tank 1 square closer to gambit inside the big room above the main hall. I used R2 to split his squad and get some kills, and after I defeated 2 of his 5 pieces he conceded defeat. Override to win AGAIN

Rnd 4 vs Jon Bryson
Jonathan pulled Lobot and something else that he wasn't using. He also pulled a couple veteran rebel commando's a bothan Commando, a Whiphead tracker, a Pathfinder and a missile trooper that he was using. I couldn't make an evade to save my life. and he beat me pretty solid

I finished second in this tournament and for prize support I took home luke Rebel Commando

Author:  dvader831 [ Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Carbondale 100 pt release event March 21

Wow, Carl! That is just awesome! Excellent work and report!

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Carbondale 100 pt release event March 21

Yeah it was a great tournament and Jim Fraser is always an awesome host and organizer. Thanks Jim, you rock!! (Can I have my $50 now? :P)

I pulled Luke Commando and Kyp Durron and built around them with a mix of shooters. including a Snowtrooper Officer and a Snowtrooper.

Game 1 vs a squad that had Thrawn and Kyp and Scout Troopers. We played on the hardboard, my opponent's map. One of the biggest problem with release events is that the players aren't all that familar with how the cards work, and a lot more play mistakes are made than normal. Such was the case here, and after a lot of dice rolls and misses, I based Thrawn with Luke and Kyp and cut him to shreds. Then Kyp went after the stealth guys while Luke worked on my opponent's Kyp.

At one point, his Kyp attacked mine with LS Assault, needing 7's to hit. He missed all 4 attacks. You can't beat bad luck no matter how well you play.


Game 2 vs. a guy who made the trip with my group from Owensboro. He also had Kyp. He totally should have beat me, but he forgot that Kyp could move after making his LS Assault/Twin attacks, and so I was able to kill Kyp. I won on points, but we played it out. In the end, I had my Snowtrooper Commander with 10 HP left, and he had a Veteran Rebel Commando. I won init and based the VRC for the kill-em-all win.


Game 3. vs. Jonathan Bryson. I really have nothing to say about this game except that Bryson, despite pulling crap rares that he left on the sidelines, had a great squad and an excellent mix of pieces that supported each other well. The fact that he went 4-0 is a credit to his ability to take junk and make it work. It didn't hurt him that I rolled five 1's during our game, even on a couple of shots where I only needed a 2 or a 3.


Game 4 vs. Seth and his Palpatine on Living Room Recliner. Dang that piece was tough, and there was just no beating it with what I had. I gave it my best, but a piece that controls Gambit and can kill anything that gets too close (meaning inside the gambit zone) is just too tough to deal with. Maybe if I'd pulled an Imperial Dignitary, but I didn't.

2-2 and 8th place, good enough for one of the 2 Mouse Droids (Jason Alvey took the other one lol). It was funny to see Rs and VRs being passed over for Mouse Droids and Shock Troopers.

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