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 Post subject: 100 pt. Dynamic Duo
PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:22 pm 
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For those who don't know, Dynamic Duo is a format where players build a squad of 2 characters at exactly 100 pts.

We had 9 players turn out for the event on Saturday, which is down a bit from normal (we are running about 12-15 on average right now, I think).

Squads included:

Boba BH/ Rebel Snowspeeder
Darth Vader JH/Dark Trooper Phase III
Darth Maul CotS/Komari Vosa
Mace Windu/Aurra Sing
General Windu/Plo Koon (mine)

Not sure what else was played, these were the ones I spotted out.
Round 1, I was paired against the Mace + Aurra team on Starship (hardboard). I lost side, and my opponent set up around the pit.

Round 1, I let Plo open the door and used Master Speed to get the general to the Gambit zone. Round 2, my opponent lost initiative and moved Aurra where she could get a clean shot on Mace. His Mace then based my General for 1 "precision" attack, which was Riposted. I tripled on Mace, moved Plo into position. Round 3, Aurra ran up for a LS sweep and missed both. Then Mace went for the general again, this time with a triple, and again got Riposted. My Windu turned and tripled on Aurra, following a Double precision attack by Plo on her, which killed her thanks to a Vapaad-crit.
Then, I lost initiative, and Mace went first. My Windu was down to 50 and no Force. His Mace needed to hit all 3 times in order to kill my Windu, and he needed 6's to hit. Even with a force-point re-roll, he missed two out of three, and my Windu and Plo went on to finish the job that round.


Round 2, my opponent had JH Vader and Dark Trooper Phase III. I won map choice and we played on my map, Muunilist. Early game I moved into Gambit from the side I chose (opposite the control room), and waited for my opponent's pieces to come to mine. A failed missile save early game slapped 20 damage onto General Windu, but it wasn't long before Plo was Force Striking his way to defeating the Dark Trooper. Mace based the Dark Trooper while Vader based Plo. Still within 6 of Vader, Plo managed a pair of hits against the dark lord, knocking him down to 100 HP while Windu destroyed the Droid. Next round, I won init, but lost Plo, who missed both attacks, and then cast Shatterpoint before Windu eventually moved toward Vader (on the next round). Lost init again, and watched as Vader ran around to the other side of the pillar. From there, I moved north into gambit, and was ahead in points. My opponent realized at that point that he couldn't win without defeating Windu. I won init, and made my opponent go first. He ran around the corner and based Windu in order to make 1 attack, which I then riposted for the auto-crit. Blocked. Then I tripled. Blocked 1, missed 1. Vader's at 80. Roll init, I win and attack. 1st is auto crit. Blocked. Miss. Miss. (Needed 7's.) Vader triples on a 130 HP Windu, and hits all 3 times, leaving Windu at 10. If I can win init and my opponent fails his block, I can win the game. I do win init, but he blocks the 1st auto-crit, and then I crit with 1 out of the next 2 attacks and hit with the third, leaving his Vader at 20. I have 1 Force point left, and I realize I can win with a Riposte (or at least force a draw), but I think it's a win if his character is defeated first.

"Grip," he says, and I am caught completely off-guard. I quickly recover though, smile, and extend my hand. "Well played," I say. I knew Vader had that, I just forgot. Too used to seeing Lord Vader these days, I guess.


Game 3, I am paired up against Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith and Komari Vosa. My overconfidence is my weakness. My opponent has no map, so we play on Muunilist. I go through the same motions as before, moving into the gambit area, while he works his way around the south-side rooms. Somewhere around the third round, Maul moves up and opens the door and Komari comes running. Maul moves up on the next round, and I send Plo in to start the damage. I position Windu where he can get a Shatterpoint on Maul, but my opponent makes a smart play and puts Vosa between them so I have to target her. On the next round, I instead give up an AoO from each of his characters to get Windu in position for a triple. He ripostes Komari's attack, and then hits her again, leaving her at 10. Maybe not the best play, but I remained confident.

I lose init on the next round, and this is the situation. Plo took some hits from Maul, leaving him at 30. Windu is at 110 and has 1 Force, thanks to re-rolls, Riposte, and Master Speed. Komari uses LS Assault and hits Plo twice, killing him. Then she attacks Windu and hits, I Riposte with my last force and kill Vosa. Maul goes with Rage. These are the rolls on his quad attack: 19, 15, 19, 10. (Maul has Deadly Attack.) So that's 120 on the first 3 hits alone. Dead. Dead. Dead. :(


4th round, I get a bye and finish 5th place with a 2-2 record. At the top table, the Boba BH/Snowspeeder team is about to face off against Bane/Lando DS.
"I'm going to sit here and watch Bane get Disintegrated," I said as I took a seat next to the players in that game. It was, as I recall, on round 4 when the full health Bane was removed from play. Disintegration is so much fun with Twin Attack. :roll:

Click here to check out all the people who have realized the truth. Someday you will, too.

"I would really, really like to not have anything else happen at the end of the round other than things just ending." -- Sithborg

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