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 Post subject: Springfield, MO 9/10/07, Dragon's Lair
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:57 am 
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Ugnaught Master!
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Okay, four of us came from Bolivar to a tournament that ended up having 5 entrants! Nice, huh? See what Monday Night Football does to minis! Pathetic . . .
Anyway, I decided to use a team I wasn't totally sure how to play, but had a pretty good idea. I went to the coach anyway, and Dean called me and gave me some pointers on the Storm Commando B&B team he has had so much success with. BBB&B did well. Okay, so I unfortunately creamed everyone I played against. I know the quality of teams that are typically put together, and it seems that when someone brings something totally different to this venue, it does very, very well.

My first opponent was Chris, the only person in the tournament who didn't ride with me from Bolivar. Chris has only been playing a few months. In fact, the first time he ever showed up, I got a random pack that night, because so many of us showed up and the store employee wanted to show appreciation. I opened the pack of COTF, took the JWM, and gave everything else to Chris. I think it is a great way to show new players that we're not a bunch of jerks who play to win.

Anyway, we played on Starship. Chris was running New Repubic with Mara, Jaina, Jacen, Han RH, Kyle, and Boba Enf. He played well, and for the limited pieces he has, I was impressed. I know I couldn't have pulled off a good squad when I first started playing. He got some early gambit, took out some stormies, but eventually Vader, JH did what he does, and he did it very, very painfully!

Next opponent was Will, one of my Bolivar Ugnaughts. Rancor Pit time! He made a quick Imperial squad with no synergy, but, hey, he's a friend of mine, and I won't say much else. I lost 5 Stormies in this game. Most losses of the night.

Final opponent was Cody and his Bounty Hunter Brigade of Aurra, Boba BH, IG-88, Zam, Human Force Adept, and Doombot. Rancor Pit again. Cody, my friend, if you ever read this, you know the mistakes you made. When I take out Doombot on my first activation, it's lights out. I lost one Stormie and a Storm Commando that I allowed to be fodder!

Okay, so my victory prize could have been a booster. However, the other Uggie with me really wanted the new starter set. So I took that instead, gave him the starter, he gave me the rulebook, and then gave me the money for the starter. In essence, I paid the $1 entry fee, and came out $14 ahead. Not a bad night, I will have to say.

Now, I know I didn't play the squad perfectly, because I'm not Dean, and I haven't decimated every Meta piece on the Earth with it yet. But I think I really got the hang of it very quickly. In my first game, however, I rolled more 1's than should be legal, and, for anyone who saw me playing League play at Gencon, YES, IT WAS THE SAME DIE!!!!! I even rolled 1's for init twice in the tourney at times when I really did not need to lose init!

Now, we're going to have a fun tourney in a few weeks. Scott, a regular player who couldn't stick around for the tourney, said that, on October 1, we will play 200 pt. Beast squads. No humans, droids, vehicles, etc. Only savage characters or hairballs, i.e., Wookiees, Ewoks, etc. This could be very, very interesting . . . .

That's right, it's always the one in the middle you would least expect to be the most dangerous!

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