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 Post subject: 100 point mini tourny in Greenfield, Mass.
PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:59 am 
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My Squad:
Dirty Rotten Scoundrals
Han, Scoundral
Princess Leia
Obi-Wan, Force Spirit (Han)
Lando, Dashing Scoundral
Mon Cal Tech x2

All games played on the RS starter map. Games 1 and 2 I started in the hanger.

Game 1. Opposing squad was Bossk, BH and 2 S.A.D.s. It was over fast. First round we both moved up from our starting areas. Second round I won iniative and was able to take down Bossk with Han and Leia. He moved the S.A.D.s to take shots at Lando. I then had both mon cals combine fire with Lando to hit a S.A.D. Rounds after that pretty much followed the patern of him taking multiple shots at Lando then me shooting back with everything. Even with a lot of shield saves the droids could only hold out so long.

Game 2. Played against Jango, Jedi Hunter I think 6 low point fringe pieces. By staying hidden and using mobile Han and Lando managed to take down all the small pieces while losing both Mon Cals. Ended up the Scoundrals and Liea vs jango. All at full HP. I managed to draw first blood thanks to Han and Leia. I had Han move 12 squares across the board to end in a spot he could shoot Jango from. I then moved Leia 6 ending her movement 2 squares behind Han. She shot through Han and actually hit Jango. Then her CE kicked in and Han added another 50. Next round started and I lost iniative and couldn't finish Jango. He used Jango to shoot at Leia hitting her for 30. Things then stopped while he tried to decide whither to take a second shot to finish her off or move to safety. By this time we had 3 other players watching to see what would happen. He choose defense over offense and ran. I moved Han and Leia back to a safe spot. Lando collected center points. Next round I was able to repeat what I'd done earlier and move Han 12 to set him up for a shot then move Leia up so her CE would give Han an attack. That finished Jango.

Game 3 didn't go as well. I faced Boba, BH, Han, RH, and an Uggie. He used the Uggie to blow the hanger door. His stretergy after that was to have Han and Boba just to the side of the blown door so that each round he could have them both use mobile attack to move 3 squares to the side, shoot though the blown hanger door, then move back to thier original spots. Anything except Boba BH I likely would have just taken the shots and collected gambit while hoping that Evade plus Metle would keep at least Han alive long enough for me to win from gambit. With Boba getting that many shots though I knew it would only be a matter of time before Boba got the 20. So I charged the hanger. On my initial charge I did just enough damage to almost kill Han. Then things went downhill. He moved Boba next to Han and twinned him. 40 damage with no evade rolls. His Han shot mine. Hit and I missed the Evade. I missed the reroll too. I lost iniative and Boba flamethrowered Han to finish him off. Rest of the game was me taking shots at Boba who was kept in front of Han.. I managed to hit most of the time, but Boba's evade rolls were too good. One by One my squad fell until it was over.

Slinky + Escalator = Endless Fun

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