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 Post subject: 25 Aug in Kalamazoo, MI 150 DCI
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:37 am 
Moff Disra
Moff Disra

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We almost had a tourney today.

Only three showed up. Ulic watched our game

4x JWM
R2 astromech
Vos, Inf
little stuff

Vader JH
2x UGo
6x Gran

Han, Rogue (what are the odds of that)
Princess Leia
R2 3PO
Luke on TT
Rebel Leader
1 or 2 Ugo
5 or 6 Mol Cal's

I won map (Jedi temple) and side (starfighters).

I won the first two non critical inits and got to choke a Mon Cal.

Turn 3 I based his Luke on TT with Vader (30 damage to Luke). I lose the next init and Vader deflects Luke's crit for 50 damage (spotter from mon Cal). Han crits for 60 (50 damage after DA save). Vader takes a crit from a Mon Cal (always make the roll just in case). Vader missed the deflect and the DA (that was a real good Mon Cal shot). Vader now kills luke and steps away from the door (and outside of the disruptive bubble, but not for long). The droid come up and put Vader back in the bubble.

I won an init. I know see that I am ahead on points and in a great position to run (4 min left in game on turn 5 or 6). I fall for Ulic force power and attack the droids with cunning from Mas and hit for 20. Vader steps over and hits for 20. The droids repair back to 20 HP left (I hit them for 10 last round and Thrawn missed a 5 that would have been nice).

Some more turns (I get confused what happened, I did not take notes). Vader hits Han for 60 and Thrawn does the last 10 from range (Han missed his evade save). Vader takes more damage, 20 from death wtih 2 FP. Vader kills Leia and then is killed by the Rebel leader combining fire.

I was 4/8 with deflects and got about half the DA saves.

I made two noobie mistakes (you were right Ulic, I had to think about it). I tried to chock inside the bubble (nope) and threw away Vader's attack that turn. Then after Han was dead I lost the init (I forgot about master tactician).

It was a good game. Shinju realized that he needs to play faster to win with this squad. Vader JH spends most of the game ahead on points. The MVP award on my team goes to an Ugo (30 points of Gambit by himself alone).

How do you think Vader JH would have done against 4x JWM, R2 and Vos inf?

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