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 Post subject: Gencon 100 DCI
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:36 am 
Moff Disra
Moff Disra

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These are my games from the Gencon 100 DCI event.

My squad
Han in Stormtrooper Armor
Ithorian Commander
Tusken Raider
11x Ewok

Game 1
Nom Anor
Yom Carr
4x Adv Scout
Flea Ridder

I won map (Chancellor's starship) and he took the left side
Lobot brought 2x AA and 2x ewok (I used poster puddy to mark the reinforcements).

I lost every single init. It was interesting moving two figures and then not having to mark them as activated (they blew up with the bomb).

I way outactivated my opponent and had him on the run from turn 2. I was happy to trade figure for figure (I was ahead on points).

I won.

Game 2
3x JWM
R2 astromech
Queen Ama

Again, my map and he took left.
Lobot brought Wicket (to hit those JWM) and 2x Ithorian Scout's (the last time I play them).

He was moving up and I got the chance to lock his R2 and a JWM in a room. The next turn R2 opened the door and the JWM came running out.

I kept placing him in the horrible position to riposte (to kill the ewok that just hit him for 20), block (50/50 ability) or just take the damage. I ran one JWM out of FP (ripostes) and then finished him off in one turn. He took the risk with another JWM and saved a FP in case he won init the next turn. He did win init and swept 4x ewoks (12 points to his 25, I'm okay with that trade) with only 10 HP remaining. The last JWM also spent FP's on riposte and then died in one turn (no sweep).

The Ithorian Scout's were not helpful. AA's next time.

I won

Game 3
5x WFF
2x Mon Cal
Rebel Leader

His arena and my left side
Lobot (2x AA and 2x Ewok)

The WFF missed 4 shots on ewoks on the way in. An ewok would hit for 20 and sometimes I was able to have a AA finish him off with 30 damage.

Han made a run of 12 squares (2-3 AoO's) and killed both Mon Cal's, and 20 to the Rebel Leader and a WFF.

There really was too many Ewoks for the WFF to kill them all.

I won

Game 4
my opponent had a True Dungeon event and had to bail.
I won

TimmerB123 and I sat down for a game
R2 astromech
Lobot (2x Mon Cal Merc)
Boba Enf

my chancellor's starship and I took left
Lobot (Wicket, AA, Tusken Raider) I should have taken Ugo's

From turn 2 he took the lead and never gave it back. No contest. He won.

So I won the event 4-0 and I'm glad that I did not have to play Timmer in the tourney (I don't know what squad knocked him out).

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