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 Post subject: 8/25: Olathe, Ks- 100 Point Rebel Storm Tournament
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:35 am 
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
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The event had a decent turn-out, with 10 players. We played three rounds. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I went 1-2, largely due to my own mistakes. I came in "4th", with 3 people tying for 3rd, so really 6th out of 10.

I’ll give you a run-down on how my play went.

Because of the small space, large crowd, and few maps, we all agreed to place 5 maps down and allow random assignment of matches to them. Then, after the players were matched, we looked at both sides of the map, and picked the one we agreed to. Not exactly correct, but it worked for this match-up.

My team: Lando, 3 bespin guards, Chewbacca, IG88, and R2D2.
Why these- because I have no RS Boba, vader, han, or Palpy. I assumed people who had boba would play him, and I was right. Half the teams (at least) had boba.

Round 1: map: Coruscant
Opposing Team: Han Solo, IG-88, 4-lom, R2, C-3P0.

With 4/5 being droids, I made killing R2 my priority. I deployed out of the repair shops. I made 2 mistakes. In round 2, I positioned Lando in a doorway along the central corridor, ready for double-attacking the next round. But I did it too early, allowing Han, then IG-88 shots as they moved into the corridor. IG-88 crit’d, killing Lando. My bespins were then short their bonus to hit. ALL THREE OF WHICH MISSED HAN BY 1 or 2! Had Lando survived, Han would have been -30, and Lando would have 1 person in front of him, providing cover.

Then it boiled down to his half-wounded Han and untouched IG-88 against my R2 and wounded IG-88 dueling around the entrance to the cantina. I won initiative. I planned to move R2 down into the corner for the gambit, double attack and kill Han with IG-88. He could move his IG88 into the cantina, and get 1 shot. Next round- move and shoot with IG88, and repair with R2. But I moved R2 first, then DOUBLE CRITICAL MISSED with IG-88. Bye-bye R2 that round, and IG88 the next.

Round 2: map: cloud city.
Opponent: Obi-wan, Fett, Quarren Assassin.
I deployed through the large group of rooms, using the Bespins and R2 for door control. My opponent played cautiously, setting up control of the main corridor. I managed to get most of my forces into the control room. He used his Quarren to open the main hall door, then charged Obi-wan in, and opened the door to the control room, intending to fly Fett in on his next activation. But in doing so, he opened LOS for my R2 to the main door, which I promptly over-rode and locked. After that, Obi-wan died massed fire, then the Quarren, as fett bounced between doors- and R2 kept locking. Finally, I marched everyone into the main corridor and let Fett in. The bespins died, then Lando, then Chewy, before I got enough hits through to kill Fett.

Round 3: map: invisible hand
Opponent: Fett and a bunch of stormies and elite stormies.
I deployed in the lower corridor, and moved quickly through the hanger and into the small store-room to get gambit on round 2. I made the mistake of killing stormies to keep gambit for the first three rounds. By then I had lost chewie and all but 1 bespin guards. My first mistake was in round 4- he grouped two elite stormies together and I went for the momentum/cleave combo to kill both with Chewie. I knew Boba would kill him, but protecting gambit for that round (and the bonus for the kills) was key to what I was doing. I critical missed on the first attack, and chewie bit the dust on his next activation.
It boiled down to Boba versus lando, 1 guard, and R2. I moved R2 back into the small storage room, but forgot to override the door closed behind him. Boba followed him in and popped him. I lost the match by 3 points with th

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