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Tile Wars, Eye of the Tiger Style...
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Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Tile Wars, Eye of the Tiger Style...

Well another GenCon has come and gone, and another great year with a lot of successful tournaments. People who know me know that my involvement with the game has taken a back seat to other changes in my life (including the birth of my firstborn son in January), and when I hung up my designer's hat a year ago, I doubted I would ever have much to do with the game again.

Fate had a different plan, however, and I found myself helping run a few events this past week. I was surprised by how many people who came by to sign up for events like the mass battles and BHC had never even heard of the game and wanted to try it out.

Saturday evening, I was sitting with some of the guys at the mass battle table when I was asked to join the group of Tile Wars players in their event. I was hesitant, you might even say reluctant, but ultimately I agreed to play. I didn't anticipate doing anything of significance, but I figured I could take one for the team.

So, there were six of us including non-creator creator Tim Ballard (who graciously provided my tile for the event), Chris Pulis, and a guy named Alex (sorry, I didn't catch his last name), who was kind enough to loan me a couple of cards and figures for my squad, and a few others.

My tile was the Train Car, and my squad was Darth Nihilus, Lord of Pain, Visas Marr, Bastila Shan Fallen Jedi, and Darth Zannah. (Yes, I included 3 of the characters I helped make, though Nihilus was more of a Weeks card than a Boris card.)

Round 1 I got paired against Alex. He had Lord Kaan, Revan SL, Bane, and Wyyrlock. He blew up Kaan after I double-moved to base his Revan, dishing out some damage to my other figures. He agreed afterward that that had been a mistake, as Bastila and Zannah made quick work of everyone but Bane. I left that to Nihilus, who probably removed 90-120 damage from himself over the course of the game.

Round 2, I faced Palpatine on Throne, Arica, Joruus C'Boath, Thrawn, and Xizor. Nihilus turned Palps and Joruus into walls, and mop-up was quick.

I figured it was just some lucky match-up stuff until I saw Tim standing with Chris Pulis, who I played against in round 3, and they were whispering about my squad. I picked up bits and pieces of strategy comments, and honestly I took that as a compliment. It meant that Chris was concerned about how he would beat the combo with what he brought. His squad included 2 Assassins (Devronian I believe), Malgus the False Emperor, Darth Maul Sith Infiltrator, the V-set Dr. Evazan and Bandon. I quickly killed the Assassins, and Zannah went up against Malgus but couldn't make her saves. Bastila took out Bandon with some help from Nihilus, and then Nihilus died to Malgus. Maul fell quickly, too, and I felt bad for Chris when he ambushed needing 10's and never rolled higher than 9.

Last round of the game, Bastila was adjacent to Evazan and she had 30 HP. It was an initiative roll that determined the final activation of the game, and I won initiative.

It could have just as easily gone the other way, but I took the victory for what it was - a lucky roll at the crucial time in a hard-fought match-up between two equally deserving players.

I hope to return next year to defend my title. Thanks to all who made this entire event series possible! Good work!

Author:  sthlrd2 [ Mon Jan 13, 2014 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tile Wars, Eye of the Tiger Style...

I have no clue how I never saw this write up before. But one thing to point out. You faced me (Jake) in the finals and it was 2 Klatoonian Assassins, not Devaronian. It's how Zannah took some damage. And yea Maul was horrendous for me there. If I remember correctly, I didn't need them all to hit either, I think only 2, maybe 3 would have killed him.

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