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V-6 subset
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Author:  sthlrd2 [ Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-6 subset

Maybe this is the time and place to revisit this idea Trevor

thereisnotry wrote:[\quote]
In the LowerHuttACon2012 thread (viewtopic.php?f=21&t=15210&p=149393#p149393), they were talking about how the Vong could use a piece like Lobot, but which does not bring sacrilege on the Vong (ie, is not a cyborg and cannot bring in droids). Part of the discussion was that this piece could work well with Peace Brigade characters. So here's what I suggested in that place:

Good idea! But there's no need to change Lobot (it would be wierd flavor anyway)...we could just make a new piece entirely.

Viqi Shesh, 30pts
Yuuzhan Vong
Hp: 40
Def: 15
Att: +7
Dam: 10
Special Abilities
Melee Attack
Force Immunity
Living Fringe Reinforcements 20: During setup, after seeing your opponent's squad, you can add up to 20 points of living Fringe characters to your squad.
Rapport: Characters whose name contains "Peace Brigade" cost 1 less when in a squad with this character.
Synergy: +4 Attack and +4 Defense when within 6 squares of a character whose name contains "Peace Brigade."
Thud Bug/Razor Bug???
Commander Effect
Allies whose name contains "Peace Brigade" gain Synergy (+4 Attack and +4 Defense when within 6 squares of a character whose name contains "Peace Brigade")

There's a quick rendition of what he could be. He's a stealth door-blower with Lobot's utility, but without Lobot's sacrilege (his Reinforcements must be living).

If he had Plasma Eel or something then he'd probably need to cost more. However, the thing is that he has to be pretty cheap outside of his reinforcements; that's part of the genius of the Lobot piece: he's only 7pts after his reinforcements, which makes it easy to fit him into a squad. There's a reason that Jabba the Hutt (RS) never sees play: he's 50pts, rather than 27. This guy needs to be cheap, or else he'll be too hard to use.

As is, he's a 10pt door-boomer with a very situational CE, who offers lots of good flexibility to his faction. Should he cost 28 or 29 instead? That would be for playtesting to discover.

I'm not up on the lore of this era, so really any unique character (not just Viqi Shesh) could fill the role.[/quote]

Viqi Shesh was a female human politician who would spill information and military tactics to the vong. I suggested her thinking reinforcements would be like a way of her giving the vong the military information. She was a leader of the peace brigade. So while I like your idea, its not fitting for her to have force immunity or other vong specific special abilities.

Maybe add something like this character is considered to have diplomat if in a vong squad, and traps combined with the peace brigade sa could be cool.

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