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German Open Nationals 2012
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Author:  I kill Gungans [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:05 pm ]
Post subject:  German Open Nationals 2012

Hello all! Yesterday we had the German Open Nationals 2012. Here are the results:

Standings after round 5:
1 Darthsemmenon
2 Deeeh
3 Stormtrooper
4 EwokDeity
5 TK4334
6 Sylvie
7 Ein_elf
8 Pokasus

9 Anti
10 General Schmidt
11 André
12 Lightsaberblade
13 Apprentice
14 jessey-blue
15 Marc
16 Hendrik
17 Thomas
18 Darth Malgus
19 Laubi
20 René
21 ADX
22 Andreas
23 Karl
24 Benjamin
25 Stormtrooper Jr.

1/4 Finals:
Darthsemmenon vs. Pokasus (Darthsemmenon wins)
Deeeh vs. Ein_elf (Ein_elf wins)
Stormtrooper vs. Sylvie (Stormtrooper wins)
EwokDeity vs. TK 4334 (EwokDeity wins)

1/2 Finals:
Darthsemmenon vs. Stormtrooper (Darthsemmenon wins)
Ein_elf vs. EwokDeity (Ein_elf wins)

Darthsemmenon vs. Ein_elf (Darthsemmenon wins; Ein_elf is german champion)

Author:  R5Don4 [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: German Open Nationals 2012

Very cool. Any chance we can get some details on the squads played? Top 4 at least?

Author:  I kill Gungans [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: German Open Nationals 2012

We played a homebrewed format to loosen up the meta. We don't use the V-Sets at the German Nationals to avoid confusion with the players who don't browse the internet regulary and still come every year.

This time we played with 3x 175 points squads that had to be from the same faction (or Fringe). There was a limitation to Uniques, that you only could play a Unique in 1 squad and not in the others (not even other versions of the Unique). Also we limited the activations to 20 max. at any point in the game. So if reserves brought your activations above 20, you couldn't use them.

During match preparation each player took a look at the 3 squads of his or her opponent and ruled one out that couldn't be played. Then the players could choose between their remaining 2 squads, which they wanted to play for the match. This way overpowered lamer squads had no chance of hitting the tables and players had to spread their good minis between their squads.

In the end NR won with 4 different factions due to affinity (NR, Fringe, Vong and Empire). Second was Republic.

Here some squads:

2nd place, national champion and 7th after swiss (Ein_elf):

Squad I.
51 Yoda on Kybuck
33 Captain Rex
32 Agen Kolar, Jedi Master
23 Captain Panaka
8 Mas Amedda
8 R7 Astromech Droid
5 Rodian Diplomat
6 Rodian Brute x2
9 Ugnaught Demolitionist x3

(175pts. 12 activations)

Squad II.
36 General Kenobi
20 Captain Tarpals
17 Gungan Shieldbearer
16 Queen Amidala
50 Gungan Artillerist x5
9 R2-D2, Astromech Droid
10 Caamasi Noble x2
4 Gran Raider
4 Rodian Diplomat
9 Ugnaught Demolitionist x3

(175pts. 17 activations)

Squad III.
29 Captain Argyus
21 Admiral Yularen
60 Senate Commando x3
18 Gungan Shieldbearer
8 Wicket
30 Caasami Noble x6
9 Ugnaught Demolitionist x3

(175pts. 16 activations)

Semi-finalist and 3rd place after swiss (Stormtrooper):

Squad 1
54 Cad Bane
32 Thrawn ( Mitt.... )
27 Lobot
8 Mas Amedda
6 Ra-7 Death Star Protcol Droid
5 Imperial Dignitary
4 Gran Raider 3x
5 Caamasi Noble 5x
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist 2x

( 175 points. 16 activations )

Squad 2
71 Lord Vader
31 Arica
18 Moff Nyna Calixte
11 Human Bodyguard
8 R7 Astromech Droid
5 Imperial Dignitary 4x
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist 3x
3 Mouse Droid 2x

( 174 points. 14 activations )

Squad 3
30 Xizor
18 Twi lek Black Sun vigo 3x
13 Czerka Scientist
22 Imperial Governor Tarkin
11 Admiral Ozzel
8 R7 Astromech Droid
6 Ra-7 Death Star Protcol Droid
5 Imperial Dignitary 3x
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist 2x
3 Mouse Droid 3x

( 174 points. 17 activations )

Quarter-finalist and 8th after swiss (Pokasus):

Team 1:
- Garm Bel Iblis
- 4x Mouse Droid
- Ugnaught Demolitionist
- R7 Astromech Droid
- Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter
- Ewok Scout
- Mynock
- Jaina Solo
- Han Solo, Smuggler
- General Dodonna

Team 2:
- Mara Jade, Jedi
-2x Bespin Guard
- R7 Astromech Droid
- Caamasi Noble
- Mynock
-6x Dark Hellion Swoop Gang Member
- General Wedge Antilles
- Human Blaster-for-Hire
- Ganner Rhysode
- 4x Mouse Droid
- Ugnaught Demolitionist

Team 3:
- Grand Master Luke Skywalker
- Leia Skywalker, Jedi Knight
- Yoda, Force Spirit
- R7 Astromech Droid
- 2x Mouse Droid

Author:  Soltar [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: German Open Nationals 2012

Hello all,

It's was a Great event and an amazing day !
Please find my teams :

1st place, 1th after swiss (Yes, I'm Darthsemmemon :D ):

Team n°1 : Kyle and Crew
54 Kyle Katar Jedi Battlemaster
28 Dash Rendar renegade smugler
23 General Wedge Antilles
18 Twi'lek Black Sun Vigo
10 Luke spirit
10 Jagged Fel
09 Dodonna
08 R7 Astromech droid
09 Mouse x3
06 Uggy x2
(175 points, 13 activations), Map= Ravaged base

Team n°2 : Strange Friends of Garm Bel Ilbis
62 Boba Fet Bounty hunter
45 Garm Bel Ilbis
26 Yuzhan Vong Ossus Gardian
26 Yuzhan Vong Ossus Gardian
06 Uggy x3
03 Mouse x2
(175 points, 9 activations), Map= Ravaged base

Team n°2 : Solo charge Light
50 Han Solo Galacti héro
45 Mara jade jedi
29 Ganner Ryhsode
27 Lobot
23 Anakin Solo
(175 points, 5 activations), Map = Ravaged base

My report later...

Somes pictures of this event on the german's forum.

Author:  RaginRancor [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: German Open Nationals 2012

I love the 3 squad system!
really cool!
thanx for the pictures, real nice. :Boba:

Author:  ADX [ Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: German Open Nationals 2012


Some words and pictures to thank you all people present at this Great event,

- Laurent for his wonderfull performance,

- To Jari, because a beautiful final can be only with two great players,

- For to IKG with this original format and to master the day,

- To Berliners for the evening before the event, and the Sebastian "C3P0" (to speake french!)

- To all the present players for the atmosphere and our exchange in spite of the difference language.

It will be a pleasure to wellcome you in France



Author:  Soltar [ Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: German Open Nationals 2012

Report of the German Championship 2012 -- Swiss Round

Waiting the doors opens, the stress is beginning, because my goal was the Top 8, but all greats players arrive on by one : Jari K., G. Franck, K. Daniel, Daniel R. Sebastian S, etc ....
25 players are present for this event (with 3 french player).
We begin by filling out the sheets for our 3 differents teams and take a small photo of our (French) delegation.


11:30, the first pairing is launched ....

Round 1 vs. Nick Wellnitz
I begin this championship against the youngest guy of the competition: Nick Wellnitz, son of well-known player of the Empire Oliver Wellnitz.
Nick Play Old Rep teams with 3 identical teams : Wookiee Elite Warrior x8, Juggernaut War Droid x2 Ugnaught.
He banishes my team "Solo Charge Light", so I choose the one with Kyle.
I win the map (ravaged base) and he takes the right side (outside).
Like he has only one shooter, I set up my gis, in order to be able to take gambit on the first round and be able to shoot his wookies with all my figurines.
1st round. Theirs wookies advance to the control room, while I go in the gambit Kyle and opens the door. As he broke the other door with his Juggernaut, Dash and TBSV kills my first Wookie. 24-0.
2nd round. He divides his troops into two, 7 wookies run through the central corridor, while two others go through the top. Kyle in his role of tank intercepts wookies while my three shooters Dash, TBSV and Jagged 2 methodically kill wookies at the end of the rounds. 62-5
3rd round. Same tactic, 3 wookies fall before they could be able to reach someone. 119-5.
4th round. 2 more Wookies are killed with an ugnaughts. 163 -5
5th round. He hides his juggernault after a failed shot on Kyle. So I rush all my piece in order to chase his fig.. 168-5
6th round. Juggernault continues his “cat and mouse’s game”. 172-5
7th round. The Juggernault made a last shot missed out on Kyle. Kyle advance, and made his triple and kills the juggernault. End of the game on time (45 minutes). 190 vs 5

Round 2 vs. Christoph Allogren
With the only full victory on the 1st round, I come to the table 1. And I have to play this second round against Christophe Allogren, the finalist of the CdA 2009, and the first to play off of CdF 2009.
He plays REBEL with three teams as follows:
1) Pusher / Opportunist
2) Snowspeeder / Rebel Commadno
3) Boba Fett with Bothan Noble ...
I choose to ban his team with the Snowspeeder and he banishes Kyle (because it does not want to face Dodonna / wedge).
So I choose my "Solo charge Light " and he choose his rebel pusher (Yoda of Dagobah, Vader's Apprentice Redeemed, smuggler Han Solo, Princess Leia, General Riekan, Lobot, Ugnaught). He takes the following reinforcement : R7, 2 mouses and 2 uggies. For my part, I take a Felucian, 3 uggies and mouse. A difficult game starts....
I win the map and he sets up inside the room.
This was a close game.
1st round. We are moving slowly. I Levite Anakin Solo in the gambit. 5-0
2nd round. I Make an error of placement, and his Han Solo obtain a LOS with my Lobot. Ouch! It starts very badly. Having no choice, Ganner Levite Mara Jade and rushes Han Solo without LS Assault because of Yoda is not far. In return, s Vader's apprentice push her, and Leia give a shot to Han. 10 to 27
3rd round. I win the initiative. Han Solo GH advances to put Han in the disruptive area and thus kill him and begin to injure Yoda. Vader’s apprentice made a second push which kill before Mara. But now, Yoda cannot cancel force of power. Ganner Levite Anakin solo who can launch a very good Force Unlashed which kills Lobot, mouses, Ugnaughts and hurt Leia and VAR (30 pt) and Yoda (60 pt). (It could not hurt Leia and Yoda if it had 3 FP) 72-72
4th round. Initiative won, Han Solo kills Yoda. Back VAR push Anakin and Leia began to flee. Ganner Push Leia and kills her. 128-95
5th round. Han Solo and Ganner finish VAR and Riekaan. 190-95 victory and second in time

3rd Round vs Daniel Reppel
The fastest part of the day. For the third round, I confront Daniel Reppel, CdF finalist in 2010 and who had beaten me en 2012.
He plays New Rep plays with three teams:
1) Mara / Ganner and many activations
2) Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Yoda spirit, Leia
3) Garm Iblis Zuckus, Jaina Solo, Han Solo Smuggler, Dodonna.
We banish our teams each comprising Ganner / Mara.
As my team with Kyle can’t manage GM Luke, I choose my team "surprise" and him his team with GM Luke (Yes!). I win the map and he sets up inside.
1st round. We are moving slowly. I put Boba Fett in the gambit, shortly followed by my two YVOG. GM Luke also advance in the gambit. 5-5
2nd round. Daniel seems afraid by Boba Fett and the Bothan Noble who can reactivate it. He rushes the Bothan Noble who was not far enough from GM Luke (17 cases). But when he takes the AO from the Vong, he discovers the combo (vongs with twin and vs Jedi at atk = 18/30 damage). I play my 2 vongs who kill GM Luke (and the associated spirit). He abandoned the party because Leia can do nothing. 145-5.

Round 4 vs. Daniel Koch
The second very very close game of the day (after the final) because it’s against Daniel Koch (CdF winner 2009) who plays Empire with the following teams:
1) Thrawn / Cade Bane
2) Ozzel, Lord Vader, Arica, Nyna, Lobot, wicket, mouse x2, uggy.
3) Admiral Piett, trooper, Czerka ...
He did not want to face Kyle / Dodonna leaving me play "Solo Charge Light ".
For my part, I banished Thrawn / Cade Bane which is very difficult to manage.
He won the map (Nuhilist Grand plaza) and I choose the left side (without having to open doors). I Set up my figurines in turtle around the bodyguard that I brought with Lobot
Reinforcements are: Ewok scout, Aqualish assassin, x2 uggies
1st. I move Mara in the gambit and in position to attack all opponent's pieces that is in the gambit. Daniel moves his Lord Vader in Gambit and Arica on the other side (The turtle position was not a good idea for the blaster barrage... Grrr ....). 5-5
2nd round. The initiative is critical and I won it ! Mara do a Ls Assault on Lord Vader with 3 successfuls attacks.
Arica makes a good blaster barrage, but she is in the area of disruptive and does not benefit bonus from Lord Vader Nyna (Ouf).
Arica kills the bodyguard, the mouse, and hurts Ganner, Skywalker and Han (who just evade once). Ganner levitates back Mara but I misplaces, allowing Vader to put a beautiful Lightsaber sweep to Mara (1 attack hit), Ganner (2 hit) and Anakin (Vader misses the first and second was blocked by anakin). Anakin kills Lord Vader and Han Solo hurts Arica. 76-5
3rd round. He won the initiative and as I am always misplaced, Arica can do a second nice blaster barrage and kills Anakin and Ganner. After Arica fled, but not far enough for Mara who kills her. Han Solo kills Wicket and Aqualish assassin. 115-62
Daniel abandons the game because he has not enough firepower to fight against Han Solo and Mara Jade nearly with full health !
Fourth victory in time!

5th Round vs Franck Gerolstein
This is the last round. With my 4 wins in 5 points, I am sure to finish at the first place even with a defeat in this round. For this last play-off game, I face Gerolstein Franck (the player with the highest title in Germany).
New Rep plays with three teams as follows:
1) Mara / Ganner / Wedge / Jacen Solo / Yoda spirit / CAEL senator
2) Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Dodonna, Rodian Traider, R7 astromech, mouses, uggies
3) Garm Iblis Yuzhan Vong Ossus Guardian x2, Jareal.
So we have nearly the same teams with only small variations. His teams are more defensives.
We banish our teams each comprising Ganner / Mara.
As for the third round, my team with Kyle cannot manage GM Luke, Thus I choose my team "surprise" and him GM Luke (Yes!).
He win the map and I choose the left side (in order to be able to take the gambit the first round).

1st round. We are moving quietly and we take together the gambit. 5-5
2nd round. I continue my move to blast the doors. At the end of the round, GM Luke rushes Boba Fett and makes a twin. 10 to 10
3rd round. I win the initiative. Boba Fett makes two failed shoot on Luke and go back. Luke kills my Bothan noble. My two Vongs wound Luke seriously (100 points), they take somes djem style, but the crab armor are all successful! 15 to 15
4th round. I still have the initiative (20). A Vong kills Luke. My opponent abandons the game (even without the initiative, it could not kill my two vongs with its triple / twin). 130-15.
5 wins in 5 points!

The final phase later...

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