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Upcoming SW Mini's 12 hours of gaming (Kokomo)
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Author:  DarthJawa [ Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Upcoming SW Mini's 12 hours of gaming (Kokomo)

sorry guys looks like we wont be able to make it. We have had a few monetary problems, and i have come down with something so unless some maney shows up randomly between now and then and i start feeling better we wont be able to make it. I will let you know if anyhting changes however.

Author:  WacoBlaze [ Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Upcoming SW Mini's 12 hours of gaming (Kokomo)

Thanks to everyone that came to our little event. It was a lot of fun and we played a lot of miniatures. Those who came: Les Eller, Rich Dione, Tony Mullins, Chris Flores, Brian Hole, Harry Lewis, Mike Giles (Me), Randy Barker, and Dan Jordan. We opened with a 500 point Epic Battle. We played 1 hour and 15 minute games with a 15 point gambit zone. Several games saw 3 point wins with some scoring into the 400 point range and even think the final game of unbeatens saw Tony win with 500 points. Some of the games were very low scoring (think this had a lot to do with players that had not played the format and we overly cautious). One game unbelievably was won 3-0...this is not a typo. Both squads were evading NR and played by players that hadn't played the format before.

Some squads I saw/faced: At least 2 NR, one I helped build had 2 Felucian Rancors with evade, parry, and free rerolls with Leia, Jaina, Boba BH, etc. Both had Mara and one had 115 pt. Luke. Randy played Imperials with 3 AT-ST's one which was the Blizzard Scout and swapped with the original Thrawn...also played an unreal 8 Storm Commandos along with the Phantom Menace. He lost in the final game to Tony. Brian played Sith as usual with the Phantom Menace, 57 pt. Maul, Revan, Bandon, Cad, and others. Rich, played Mandos and I am not sure what Les played. I played Vong with Yammosk, R7, Yomin Carr, Nen Yim, Warmaster Tsavong Lah, Ossus Guardian x 3, Slayer x 2, Praetorite Warrior (wish I'd played another), Shedao Shai, Jedi Hunter x 2, and Czulkang Lah. I actually messed up and played Jakan for his Scarification and had to make him an Ossus Guardian as that put me over 3 CE with 4. This hurt as I did 10 less on attacks with wounded allies than I would have and could have with the other Vong that gives Scarification.

I won against NR and Sith and lost a close game against Randy's Imperials killing 2 AT-ST's and 7 of his 8 Storm Commandos. Tony won the event with Republic with Epic Yoda, Flowbi, Boba BH, and many others. He had Boba to like 3 twins and disintegrated 57 point Maul and at least one other power piece during the day. Also, he did it to a Fel. Rancor with 60 HP left killing it as well.

Had a 200 point game after lunch which I won with and O/R pilot squad. I had: Bastila JM, Dash Rendar, Klatoonian Cpt., Chadra-Fan Pilot x 3, Atton "Jaq" Rand, Carth Onasi ORS, an O/R Senator, plus 2 x mouse droid and an ugnaught demo. It played really well with the great speed 8 and evade and the free attack. Hardest game which I still won fairly easily (suprisingly) was against 3 Handmaidens with Atris, Yularen, R2 astro. and 2 R7's. One reason I like my squad is I seem to activate at least 1 important piece of my opponent's/game. I activated an Atris in one game and a VSet 2 Vader in another.

Finally, Les ran a large Hoth Battle. It was a good time and I was happy that 8 of the 9 players stayed around until we finished around 11:00 (stopped it as we could have played much longer). So the 12 hours of gaming actually was even longer. Looked like the Rebels with evade were going to prevail. Much thanks to everyone that came and to Les and Rich for hauling and setting up the big battle and to Dan and Les for bringing donuts for everyone. Les...you still working on that Margarita haha. Hope to see everyone and more at K-Town in late March or early April.

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