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 Post subject: Fun and Interesting Tourney
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:31 pm 
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Okay, the tourney I went to last night went like this. Each person made two separate 50 pt. squads, no character over 10 points. Then, when you were paired up, you put your squads side by side and you rolled a die. If you got an odd number, you took your left squad, even, right. Then, your opponent gets the other squad. So basically, you had 50% yours, 50% theirs. Very interesting, and you saw some very weird combos. No time to go through everything, but needless to say, you saw many Wicket's, Doombots, Battle Droids, Dark Hellion Gangs, Aqualish Assassins, and some Ewoks.

Want to know why I enjoyed it. First game saw me acquire opponent's Wicket and Ewoks, and I had my Wicket, too. Yeah, since the Unique rule was out the door at the moment, it came in very handy. But even better, I had my Doombot, and his Hang Glider. Yep, I did the double Strafe, and took out 7 characters in one phase!

Second game ended with a death blow by, oh yeah, Doombot! That rarely happens, and I loved it.

Lost the last game to DNZBUCK, but, hey, what's new. When I give him 9 Battle Droids to combine fire with, no one is missing! All in all, very fun. We all used pieces that were just collecting dust anyway. I'd love to try this again, maybe two 75 pointers, no char. over 20.

That's right, it's always the one in the middle you would least expect to be the most dangerous!

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