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2011 K-Town Challenge
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Author:  WacoBlaze [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2011 K-Town Challenge

The K-Town (2nd Annual) was great fun again this year. Friday night Nathan from Lafayette won the 200 point tile wars besting 7 other players and Brad's large activation squad. He played like only 5 or 6 activations with Kyle Battlemaster, Mara Jade Jedi, the Latest Jacen Solo, a Bodyguard, and I think the newest 56 point Jaina. I played (went 2-1) him with my gimmicked squad of an Uggernaught, Rakghoul, Ewok Glider, Wicket (-4 def/traps), Thrawn (32), Jabba (cunning), Talz cmmdr., Arica, Veers, GM Tarkin, a Varactyl Wrangler, and a Mouse. He killed me and all he played with Disruptive, I think all I killed was Jaina, and all Brad could beat with his huge squad in the final was the bodyguard.

The 200 point main event saw Jason (don't know his last name) from Michigan win the 60 mini V-Set 1 custom minis customized by Brian Hole and Chris Flores and signed by the sets creators. Additionally, he won trophies by Engineer and audiobooks, movies, and soundtracks from me. He was undefeated with his Double Lancer squad and won in a final four filled with Bill, Engineer, (not sure the 3rd finalist...someone help me please), and himself. Not sure of his scores (all 3 point wins), but know he faced a good almost mirror squad played by Nathan Ferarro from Lafayette. Hopefully Les will be able to post the final results when he has time. We had 16 players in this event. I finished in 7th with 6 points (2-2), and played a Mando squad with 4 Mando Scouts, a Mando Cpt., 3 Mouse Droids, Mando Gunsmith, R7, Mando Counter-Intelligence Officer (faced no tempo in any game...a bit of a waste he essentially was a cloaked door opener), and Jaina Solo Sword of the Jedi. Lost a close one to Brad in game 1 after I made a good and lucky early move and GM triple attacked (he nerfed the twin with Bastila) Mira (the main player in his squad with 2 to give her free attacks) and hit twice an crit on the 3rd attack killing her. He held on with 10 points left on Dash and healed him up with mouse droids

Author:  WacoBlaze [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2011 K-Town Challenge

Beat Laura in game 2 with her very nice boosted squad of Handmaidens (she rolled 2 init 1's with Thrawn). Beat Les in a close 3rd game with his Bastila/Mira squad, and lost to Engineer in the 4th game (he was way too much with his map, huge act. advantage, etc.) In no game all day did I think I would win/lose within the first 20 minutes except my final one, there was no way to overcome the huge act. advantage...at least for me with only 12 against like 25.

The Royal Rumble saw 8 players compete and was a very long affair. Ultimately, Tony Mullins won the event (Brad was at the final table but had to leave when the Michigan players headed out), with Brian Hole 2nd, and Taylor Vickerman 3rd. Will try to find out Tony's squads and report back. In my Rumble squads I had Cad Bane/Mara Jade Jedi in squad #1, Durge JH/Sith Heavy Assault Droid in squad #2, and Flobi/Rex in my 3rd group. Did okay with around 200 points and made the last table of 4 when Brad needed to leave, but let a friend and new player play my spot so his coming was worthwhile.

The night got away and Les and I played some Duo games while the Rumble finished up. It was a fun weekend and is always good to meet new players and play good estabished players as well. Thanks to the Michigan group for coming and bringing the Laminater(or?_) and doing some maps. Thanks also to Bill and Matt (I think) from Chicagoland as well as Lafayette and Kokomo players for coming. Hope to see many of you again in a month at the Kokomo Regional.

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2011 K-Town Challenge

I will work up and reporst in the next few days

Author:  LESHIPPY [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2011 K-Town Challenge

Link to pictures from Saturday. Oh my, R&R previews inside this album.

Author:  Sithborg [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2011 K-Town Challenge

Would've liked to go, but with what I have planned this year, I can't take off work as often. At least it was highly profitable this weekend.

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