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Squad posting guidelines
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Author:  thejumpingflea [ Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Squad posting guidelines

Hey guys,

Just a quick reminder... (Most of you know what you are doing!)

Whenever you post a squad there needs to be 3 things that are posted with it:

1) Each pieces name. If it is an abbreviation then make sure it is a well known one. (Such as Jedi Weapon Master being a "JWM".

2) The point amount of each piece. This is a must guys. To critique a squad people need to how much the guys are.

3) A short (or long ) description of the squad. Tell them what it is the squad does.

An example of a well posted squad is this:

--LV B&B--
71 Lord Vader
37 Grand Admiral Thrawn
8 Mas Amedda
25 Raxus Prime Trooper x5
9 Ugnaught Demolitionist x3
(150pts. 11 activations)

Use Thrawn's swap ability to swap in Vader using a Trooper at the end of the round. Win the initiative, attack with Vader and then swap out. Rinse and repeat.

Now remember these are just guidelines, but please keep them in mind.

Author:  billiv15 [ Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Squad posting guidelines

Another quick reminder. If you post a critique of a fellow member's squad, you must do more than tell them it won't work. The following are inappropriate SC responses on this forum (as well as any form of the following examples):

1. "This squad sucks." (or other negative adjective). You can say, "This squad won't work because X, Y and Z and here's how I would make it better."

2. "You will lose to X." You can say, "This will have trouble with X because of ______, and here is what I would do to improve it...."

Posting with the above examples helps no one and often shows your own personal lack of understanding of the game. So it makes you look bad, makes the forum unfriendly, and does nothing to solve what you see as a problem for the OP. So don't do it. If you do, and make it a regular practice, expect to be edited.

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