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Author:  obikenobi1 [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Kyptonite

45 Saba Sabatyne
40 Anakin Solo, Galactic Hero
29 Ganner Rhysode
29 Lowbacca
26 Kyp Durron
9 General Dodonna
8 R7 Astromech Droid
5 Caamasi Noble
3 Mouse Droid
6 Ugnaught Demolitionist x2

(200pts. 11 activations)

I'd like everyone's thoughts on if this would do well in a regional. I like the fact that just about everyone has force push, which can set up for an awesome force push 5 from Kyp. I also like how Kyp gets his renewal right away and has enough for Force Push 5 right from the start. Lowbacca is a great bodyguard and Saba's Force Valor helps people survive a bit longer. Thoughts? Suggestions for improving it?

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