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Droid Beef
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Author:  hannahcannon [ Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Droid Beef

I played this last Friday. Not really good enough for top tier but I had about as much fun playing as I've had in a while.

Gha Nacht
Geonosian Overseer
T-1 series bulk loader droid x3
ig-86 assassin droid x2
uggy x2
mouse droid x5

Bulk loader droids are big moving shields for the IG's to shoot out from behind, and when they get base to base with something they can get 4 attacks for 40 damage. IG's can also use double twin if they don't have to move and they're within 6 of the geonosian. 780 hp total means it's gonna take a long time for most things to carve through the whole squad, even with the relatively low defense on everything except the mouse droids.

Author:  TheHutts [ Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Droid Beef

Did you see Greentime's squad: http://www.bloomilk.com/Squad/117791/hk-firing-line

It probably plays similarly, and it has disruptive, which helps your pieces survive too:

--HK Firing Line--
39 HK-47, Assassin Droid
27 Lobot
20 General Whorm Loathsom
16 Geonosian Overseer
64 IG-86 Assassin Droid x4
12 Gha Nachkt
10 San Hill
8 Battle Droid Officer
4 Mouse Droid x2
(200pts. 13 activations)

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