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Death Watch? More like Death Shot!
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Author:  hinkbert [ Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:00 am ]
Post subject:  Death Watch? More like Death Shot!

Jaster Mereel
Pre Vizsla 90
Mandalorian Captain
8X Death Watch Saboteur
4x Mouse Droid

The Saboteurs have satchel charge for door control, then they also have cloaked and traps. So keep them in cover and your opponent has to run up to them and their traps helps their low attack. Then blow up for 20 dmg and they have twin doing 20 damage each (including their deathshot). Vizsla can be used to help with clean up after the saboteurs die, plus his parry and extra dmg with darksaber help against melee force users.

Jaster gives you some tech so you can bring in a CIO, a Tactician, Scout, etc.

You just have to be careful and keep those mice alive!

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