Star Wars Miniatures

Playing Online with Vassal

The latest Vassal program installer can be found at the right.

The Star Wars Minis Vassal module and V-set extension downloads can also be found linked under "Vassal Files". File names are SWMinis.vmod and "Virtual Sets.mdx".

In the videos linked below, there are references, which is no longer active.  Instead, the files you need are linked here. Additionally, in the videos the files are compressed.  The files at the right are not compressed, so you do not need WinRAR.  (But it will take longer to download.)

thereisnotry wrote:
SWMResources originally had 2 videos that explained everything. Here are 2 links, which I hope work. The first one shows how to install, the second shows how to use the new features of Mod 11.0.

I can't emphasize this enough: You really need to follow my instructions EXACTLY if you want this to work. So when I say "Get rid of all the other extensions and vmod files on your computer"...I mean it, I really do. :)

--Use Windows' Search function to find your old files and then delete them. They are usually found at c:/ProgramFiles/Vassal on most Windows computers. Delete'll be reinstalling with the new stuff when you follow my directions.

--Use your Windows Control Panel to uninstall your former version of Vassal. You'll be reinstalling with the updated version (and yes, it will matter) of Vassal.

--This one shows how to use the Vassal mod, once you've got it installed. And again, when I say that you must first have followed my first video (so that you now have version 11.0 and 8.0 installed), I really do mean it. :)

Vassal Files

Below are the files that you will need to play Star Wars Miniatures online with Vassal.