Star Wars Miniatures

Variant Games

Over the course of several years, the Star Wars Miniatures community have came up with several differant variants to the standard game that Wizards of the Coast released.

In Dynamic Duo, each player uses a 2-character squad that totals exactly 100 points. Similarly, there's the Terrific Trio at 150 points, Fantastic Four at 200 points, and Force Five at 250 (where Force Five has the additional restriction that all characters must be Force users).

In Tile Wars, each player creates a 200 point squad but the players play on two tiles that are placed adjacent to each other (on the short edge). The skirmish takes place in close quarters.

The epic characters are very high-cost characters (120-200 points each). The Epic Duos format is like Dynamic Duos but uses an epic character and totals 200 points. The epic characters are also used in 500 point skirmishes. There are a number of variants for 500 point epics, but the most common one has been a max of 16 activations and a requirement of exactly 1 epic character. Also, a max of 4 commanders (where Advanced Battle Meditation counts as a commander effect), and no activation control.

Variant Game Rules

Here is a list of in-depth resources that will help you on your way to enjoy playing Star Wars Miniatures