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Rules - Scum & Vinllainy / Jedi vs Sith - Errata and FAQ - Glossary


Grodin Tierce's Clone: Add the following: Unique (Counts as Grodin Tierce)

Karness Muur: Add the following: Melee Attack


Master Yoda

Q: Does the attack happen before or after doors?
A: The timing is simultaneous, so the controlling player can decide on the order.

Q: Would bonus that occur on a character's turn still apply, like Momentum or Mighty Swing?
A: It is still part of the character's turn, so yes.

Moff Disra

Q: If Moff Disra gained Line of Sight to an enemy after his Commander Effect was suppressed, would his CE still take effect?
A: No. Moff Distra's Commander Effect must be unsuppressed at the start of a phase in order for it to take effect. 

Special Abilities


Q: Does Bribery change a character's faction?
A: Yes, if it says that a character is considered to be of a certain faction, like Imperial.

Covert Ops

Q: Does this apply to Twin Attacks?
A: Yes, it follows the same timing as Pheremones. 

Muur Talisman

Q: What if there is a tie between who has the most Force Points?
A: The controlling player chooses which of the characters that tied to gain the abilities and Force points.

Trap Door

Q: Can Trap Door affect character's with Emplacement?
A: It can still cause damage to a character with Emplacement, but it can't relocate them. 


Q: Can I replace the character with a Rebel version if they are in a New Republic squad because of Affinity?
A: No, the character chosen with Versatility must follow the faction building rules.

Force Powers

Talisman Mind Control

Q: What does "does not gain bonuses" mean?
A: That you can't benefit from any Special Ability or Force Power that provides a bonus to the character's stats.

Q: Do penalties still apply?
A: Yes.