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Rules - Command of the Galaxy / Vehicles of War- Errata and FAQ - Glossary

Command of the Galaxy / Vehicles of War Errata

Alto Stratus: The image is incorrect. This character is not considered to have a lightsaber.

- - Special Abilities


Q: What happens if I defeat the only character I could attack with my first attack? Do I still have to move adjacent to an enemy if I can?
A: No. You check the conditions for Brainwashed at the start of a character's turn, just like Savage and Mercenary. In this case, you satisfied the conditions before you attacked.

Hand Signals

Q: What happens when the commander is affected by Disruptive?
A: Hand Signals would not prevent the commander itself from having its Commander Effect suppressed. If this happens, no one would benefit from the Commander Effect, even if they are benefiting from the effects of Hand Signals

Lightsaber Trainer

Q: Can I choose the Mastery versions of those Special Abilities?
A: No.

My Pet's from Myrkr
Q: Does this character gain Ysalimari if the last non-Fringe character in my squad is defeated?
A: No. A defeated character still affects whether they had been in your squad or not. 

No Disentegrations
Q: Does this just prevent my opponent's critical hits?
A: No. It applies to the you and your opponent's characters.


Q: Does this still apply if there is another character who is the same cost in your squad?
A: No. The character with Prideful must have the highest cost in your squad. Ties in cost would negate Prideful.

Q: Would it take effect if a higher cost character would be defeated?
A: No. If at any time there is a character whose cost is equal or higher to in the Prideful character's squad, Prideful cannot take effect. Even if defeated.

Q: How about if they were replaced, like with Admiral Gilad Pelleon or Versatility?
A: Yes, since replacement removes a character from having been in your squad.

Q: Do bonuses affect whether a character with Trainee can use other character's stats?
A: No. Trainee only looks for printed values, and bonuses are applied afterward. 

Q: Do I get victory points when the original character is removed from the board?
A: No, as it is not defeated.

Q: Do I get the original character's point total when I defeat the new character?
A: No, you gain how much the new character is worth. You do not take the original character into consideration.