Star Wars Miniatures

A Beginners Guide

You’ve read the rule book, got the pieces in your hand and an excited player across the table from you. The wonder and awe of arguably the greatest game ever invented (I am possibly a bit biased) is upon you and you are keen to get involved in this great game. There is a catch, however. This game has been around since 2004 and, a couple of times a year the good folk at Wizards of the Coast and then later just kept bringing out pieces to continually evolve the game. New characters, strategies, combinations of ideas... the game now is so big, its a little daunting to even the most seasoned player. How then do you manage to get involved in a game so huge... Simple. The good folk at Save11 (the New Zealand SWM Community) have been working together with the SWM players from and to create a easy levelling system to allow the new player to work their way through the game in an accelerated version of how we came to the game. Welcome then to SWM101!