Star Wars Miniautures Hall of Fame - 2009

Deri Morgan - aka Fingersandteeth

If you every happen to visit the Windy City to play a game of Star Wars Miniatures, you could possibly encounter a man with an accent that will catch you off guard, and you will never forget. His name is Deri Morgan, known online as fingersandteeth, and his deep Welsh accent is very recognizable.

Deri was already a Star Wars fan and someone who played other types of Star Wars games but even still, when he heard about a forthcoming new miniatures game way back in 2004, he really had no idea how much he would get involved and grow to love the game. To this day, he loves the strategy and fun which got him hooked in the first place. In fact, he still claims Rebel Storm to be his favorite set, just because that is when he got started. He enjoys using Luke Skywalker, Rebel Commando (a major part of his Gencon Championship squad), Yoda on Kybuck, and Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster, but if he had to pick a favorite faction, he says it would be the Republic.

When asked about his first encounter with Deri, Ray Becker, dvader831 on the forums, had this fond memory. “Deri almost made me give up miniatures forever! I met him at Gencon 2007, and was paired against him in the third round of the 200 point tournament, both of us having a record of 1-1. Well, it took about 15 minutes before my record was 1-2, due to my big mistake of charging in to his squad, which was a swarm squad of Aqualish Assassins. It hurt . . . a lot. He has been an icon to me ever since!”

As eluded to before, Deri won the Official Star Wars Miniatures Championship at Gencon 2009, defeating Bill Russell in the final match, preventing a back to back victory for Bill. Deri’s entire story can be found here: The Championship Run.

Due to time commitments making it difficult to get to gaming stores as often as he would like, most of Deri’s games he gets to play are either at his house, or at that of a friend. He still gets to take part in events from time to time, though, and has great advice for new players. “Enjoy the game for what it is and try not to take it too seriously or focus too much on minor inconsistencies. Some rules will annoy you, but the game is still very well designed. There is a lot of complexity in rule interactions that takes a long time to grasp and can be counter intuitive, so be patient when you are starting out . . . when you don’t understand everything. Try to look at ways you can improve and don’t spend hours lamenting bad dice.”

When not playing SWM, Deri enjoys jamming on his guitar, playing fooball with “Aussie Rules,” boxing, playing XBox 360, watching rugby or UFC, and drinking beer! I will now leave you with two great quotes from Deri Morgan.
“I’m married, and my beautiful wife truely is a saint to put up with my hobbies. God Bless her.”
“I'm Proud to be Welsh as every Welshman is (not born with a sliver spoon in your mouth but with music in your heart and poetry in your soul). However, my accent kind of makes it difficult for many to undertand me, and it only gets worse with beer!”


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