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Star Wars Card Games


The Star Wars universe has inspired a number of customizable card games through the years.

Decipher’s Star Wars CCG, released in 1995, was one of the earlier CCGs and the first set in the Star Wars universe. New sets were released until 2001. Virtual cards continue to be released by the Star Wars CCG Players Committee (http://www.starwarsccg.org/).

Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars: Trading Card Game was another CCG, which went into production in 2002.

Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: The Card Game was released in 2012. It follows the “Living Card Game” model and had more than 20 expansions within 3 years.

Those were the biggest releases, but there have been a few other card games as well. Star Wars: Jedi Knight CCG. Star Wars Episode I: Customizable Card Game. Young Jedi CCG.

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